July 16, 2013

High-end Embedded NVR Series to Benefit HD Surveillance

Hikvision, the global leader of video surveillance products and solutions, has now released  the DS-9600NI-RT embedded NVR series – a new high-definition network video recorder (NVR) series.– This NVR has the ability to  access up-to  64 network cameras, while supporting video input with a resolution of up-to 5 megapixels. It is capable of full HD video in real-time (25 frames per second) live viewing and video playback. HDMI and VGA output are supported for high definition video display at up-to 1920x1080p resolution, allowing users to see every color, detail,  and action.

The DS-9600NI-RT features an industry-leading throughput of 320Mbps (160Mbps for input / 160Mbps for output) to provide the required bandwidth for recording multiple HD-megapixel cameras and remote viewing. For example, when users choose 16-ch for video recording, they will  experience superior video imaging at 1080p resolution – since each channel  delivers 10Mbps input bandwidth  for recording.

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July 11, 2013

HD-SDI High Definition CCTV vs Traditional CCTV Cameras

HD-SDI CCTV cameras, also known as HD security cameras, are quickly gaining popularity as a high definition video surveillance solution. Until a few years ago, the only available option for high definition surveillance systems was to use network IP cameras which are typically more expensive and almost always more difficult to setup.
With the advent of HD-SDI technology for security cameras, users can now capture 1080p resolution video using the same RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable that is used by traditional CCTV cameras.
This new SDI platform is pivotal information for existing CCTV users whom have invested into expensive coaxial cabling installations, and now are in the market to upgrade their system to HD. These users are able to leverage their existing coax cable when they upgrade to HD Security cameras.
The HD-SDI paradigm also makes installation easier for many low voltage installers because HD-SDI security cameras follow the same plug and play processes as the traditional CCTV cameras, unlike IP cameras, which do require some level of networking knowledge to setup.
The benefits of HD-SDI CCTV are:
• High Definition images, making it easier to identify individuals.
• Simple installation using standard co-ax cable.
• No need to involve IT Managers as part of the installation.
HD-SDI is significantly easier for experienced CCTV installers to get to grips with and can easily be used in tandem with existing analogue cameras. Compared with IP, installers can install HD-SDI straight away with next to no training. There is also very little risk of getting in to complications when installing it, as long as they are experienced in installing analogue CCTV. With an increasing demand for HD CCTV footage the standards that end users expect are growing.